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You Think You Know Me...

Nov. 4, 2004
9:29 PM

It's been another long day. How's that different from most other days, though, eh?... Today I had a Mock Trial meeting after school. I have a feeling that even if I do get the application in on time, they won't select me for the team. All the better, I suppose-- I'm involved in a lot already.

This week has gone by so fast... I can't believe tomorrow's Friday already! o.0;;

Um... yeah... well... I can't figure out what else to say, so...


Oct. 30, 2004
4:40 PM

I feel so childish and stupid right now... Sean was diagnosed with pneumonia and I'm pretty much in shock. Pneumonia's a tricky disease.

Um... I tried to give Mr. Toes a bath today and when I got him in the water, he obviously was trying to get out. He's still covered in flea mess. On top of that, when I was rinsing him out... the water that came off his fur looked like it was... stained. I mean, not like with dirt or dust or whatever. The water looked bloody. It scared me. Majorly.

Eh, anyway... I think that's about all I have to say about cats and people and all manner of things. Later, kids.

Oct. 28, 2004
3:10 PM

Symptoms: severe nausea, abdominal cramps, chest and back pains, dizziness, irritability

Self-diagnosis: a gastrointestinal virus... or possibly just damn nerves and lack of sleep getting to me. I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Today I tripped up the stairs. Not once, oh no, but twice. The second time I banged my knee and it hurt hella bad. T_T And then I have a ton of stuff due. Lemme g'head and make a list out here so I don't forget something, and so that you guys have an idea of just how stressed I really feel right now.

  1. Chemistry powerpoint/worksheet... which I need to print out, which means I need to go fetch a black ink cartridge for the printer

  2. Define and write sentences for vocab terms for English, on which there will be a quiz tomorrow.

  3. Organize a sign-up sheet for KEY Club to attend Kiwanis meetings from now until the end of the year, and sell Care Critters for KEY Club.

  4. Sell products for my JA Company, NAME (New Age Market Engineers)

  5. Talk to my guidance counselor about college and ACTs and all that good stuff. I need to ask about transferable credits.

  6. Finish my Virus project for Bio2 and print it out, also requiring a black ink cartridge.

  7. Clean my room because I promised Da I would.

And... as for now, that's it. My daily to-do list. Ha.

Today, I think, I'm going to start a mailing list and I'll send a link to the site every time I update, through that list, so that readers know when I've updated and when I haven't. (Link will be provided for your convenience, sillies ^.~) And I might include actual, physical site updates there too (like the links I add *hint hint, wink wink* at the bottom of the page, or if I change the layout, which I'm thinking about doing soon.) But as for now, this will work nicely.

Anyway, I think you'll all agree that that's enough whining and complaining for now, eh? Au revoir.


Oct. 20, 2004
3:08 PM

Oi vay. It's been a long, tortuous day. I made a 30 on an Alg2 quiz. Now tell me that's not pathetic... ugh... I disgust myself... anywho...

I finished all my homework today except English, which is diagramming sentences. Again. We've been doing the exact same thing for the past... two, three weeks or so. It's starting to get a little boring; I wish we could just learn all about diagramming them at once instead of all spread out. People call me weird because I like to learn things fast. I just don't want to waste time learning things I already know. Umm... I don't require a lot of review, whereas some students I know need days on end to review. Yeah... oh! I took a chem quiz AND test today. Everyone else is taking the quiz tomorrow, but I wanted to get right to work on my chemistry project instead, so while they take the quiz I can get a jumpstart on my powerpoint presentation... it's a group project, really, but I get to make my own slides. ^^ Which makes me happy. I value group work only with close friends. If I try to work with anyone other than that, things get ugly. Fast.

Um... that's about all I can think of to write right now. Links to comment and all that should be up soon... look for them under this box. If people want to comment on other things they wanna see here, then go for it! =) I've got plenty of space and nothing to put there.

Oct. 19, 2004
8:26 PM

Alright, that's it. You know how people have all those bloggies on Livejournal and Xanga? Well, I don't have to take it any more. I don't have to use their silly, free blogs if I don't feel like it. From now on, this is my silly little bloggie. And it's all mine. No one can say that Chrissie's World is not Chrissie's. So at long last, welcome to my real, for true, honest-to-gobs world. This is where you'll see my life as it plays out, tortuous day after tortuous day, because I find it the most fun to code and update. And I have as much space for pics and all that nonsense as I want! W00t!

And for those of you who are friends of mine, no worries. I'll still check your LJs and Xangas and post from my old accounts. Just know that this is where you need to come for updates on me from now on, and if you want to comment, you can do so directly through e-mail! Can I get a "SQUEE!"? ....*crickety silence*...... ok, or not....

Umm... so that's all I have to say. I think... I think I might change the coding for this soon. One box is bothering me... expect this to become a table. No, not a round table. A table with nifty options. ((Guestbook, Links, etc.))... as for now, welcome to my new world. Yep.

...but you have no clue.             

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