WEGL FM 91.1

1980 - 1985

worked at WEGL while on the Auburn University campus.  I actually first contacted WEGL while attending an orientation seminar before my freshman year at Auburn.   I spent my freshman year as a newscaster and DJ while learning my way around.   I actually won the WEGL newscaster of the year for 1980/81.

Later I helped out as Assistant Engineer to Hap Haas who was Chief Engineer.   Since I was a co-op student, I was only at WEGL in the winter and summer quarters from the fall of 1981 to the fall of 1984.  But summer kept me very active since we did not have many DJs.  I hosted a couple of shows that were a lot of fun - In The Country (Old and New Country) and Southern Pride (Southern Rock).

My senior year (1984/85) kept me quite busy with the station as I helped with training new DJs and continued helping out as an engineer.

Some of my most memorable moments included The Charlie Daniels Band concert, interviewing Allen Funt (Candid Camera), and interviewing Governor Fob James (1st term).   But my biggest memory was when Hap, Cathy, and I decided to "take over" the station.  We went to the transmitter room on the top floor of Haley Center and rigged up a "studio".  The main WEGL studio was on the first floor of Haley Center at the time.  We used my old mixer board and each of our turntables from home.   Hap found an old cart machine so we could play PSAs on schedule.  We installed a pot (sound control) to turn down the main studio and another to turn us up when we desired.  At 7 am on a nice spring morning just before finals we did it.  We interrupted programming.  We teased the on-duty DJ a little by letting him fade in and out.  Then we took over.  We actually built a broadcast studio overnight.  Wow!  Pretty soon the phone lines lit up.  It gave the station a big promotion and we all had a lot of fun.

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