1992 - 1997

Avery Dennison expanded my experience in the converting industry and introduced me to the pulp and paper industry.  Working in the Technical Support Unit, we supported the plant with both projects and maintenance technical support.

One of my first assignments was to help in optimizing a 80 inch tandem hot melt / silicone coater.  When I arrived at the facility the line had been installed and was still in a "debugging" stage.  Although it was designed to run 1,200 to 1,500 feet per minute, it would only run up to 800 feet per minute.  We debugged the line, removing "overdesigned" and unused components that avertly affected web tensions.  We also optimzied the machine controls to take advantage of the Reliance AutoMAX DCS drive system and the massive network of PLC-5s.  Today that machine consistantly runs 1,400 to 1,500 feet per minute.

One of my more enjoyable projects was the design, development, and implementation of a coatweight gauging system.  When I arrived at Avery they were using a fairly complicated OEM gauging system that was no longer manufactured.   Working with a plant process engineer, we looked over the design and quickly decided we could simplify the design to meet Avery's needs.  Our final design included an Allen-Bradley 1394 servo system, an Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40, and Rockwell Software's RS View.  The PLC received its raw data from an IRE MM-55 infrared gauge and ECU.  The 1394 servo was responsible for control of the gauging head.  The RS View software presented the data to the operator and provided detailed diagnostics.   The final product was something the plant could expand and troubleshoot with ease.   We completed the initial prototype in about two weeks and had it running on a production line.

Other accomplishments at Avery included implementation of an electrical safety training program; implementing a CAD filing system and organization; hiring an electrical CAD technician; hiring a replacement electronics technician; recruiting and hiring an electrical engineer; and coaching / mentoring two electrical engineers.

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