1997 - 2001

At the time I left this plant belonged to UPM-Kymmene Group, a Finnish company based in Helsinki, Finland.  Loparex purchased the Eden facility in 2001 as Rexam divested of their Coated Films and Papers sector and used that money to help purchase American National Can.  When Rexam built the Eden, North Carolina facility in 1995 it was the newest and one of the more technologically advanced plants in the division.

I moved to this plant in March, 1997 through contact with a friend I met at Avery Dennison.  He was at this facility.  I spent considerable time at the Eden facility optimizing and debugging the new equipment.

This work included:
Reprogramming several machine functions such as splice sequences
Upsizing laminator drive systems.
Upgrading die heater wiring and controls.
Improving web break detection.
Redesigning unwind diameter controls to a more economical system.

My projects included:
Installation and startup of a flame treater for web treatment.
Installation and startup of a boiler and humidification system with a new HVAC system.
Installation and redesign of a Cameron slitter / rewinder that included the addition of a PLC and the retrofit of a dc drive with an ac drive.

My activities included:
Management of Avaya Definity and Audix systems.
Management of the plant LAN while hiring a new Systems Administrator.
Implementation and oversight of annual power distribution maintenance program.
Management of security systems.
Training of new electricians.

Other accomplishments include:
Implementing a specification program for projects that includes general specifications with annual review by vendors and contractors.
Implementing and organizing the CAD system.
Hiring and training four electronic technicians and one systems administrator.
Implementing electrical maintenance contractor and vendor standards.
Implementing an electrical safety training program.

UPM's purchase did not include the Bedford Park facility.  Rexam had already mothballed the facility in 2000.  After obtaining the company in 2001 Loparex closed the West Chicago facility and began downsizing the company.  They were looking for every opportunity to reduce costs.  The purchase was effective April 1, 2001 and immediately people began leaving from the corporate offices.  I left the company as part of that downsizing on September 10, 2001.  And probably at the right time.  As that business seemed less core to UPM they divested of Loparex in a MBO deal support by a foreign bank.  Most of the people I knew are no longer with the company.

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