The Case of the Missing Barbies

by Christiana Daily

"Honey, you need to go to bed" said my dad.

"Okay" I replied.

I went up to my bedroom … and all my Barbies were gone! All the clues left by the thief were footprints, a Barbie’s head, and a Barbie dress. I followed the footprints under my bed to another clue…my bedroom window was broken! "Hmmm…" I said as I thought who could have broke the window and stole my Barbies.

I went downstairs and said to my dad, "Daddy, Daddy, somebody stole my Barbies and broke my window!"

He said, "Well go tell the police." So I did. I told my story again and they said, "I’m sorry kid, but we have more important cases than missing Barbies."

I cried and cried. Finally I pulled myself together. I thought to myself they don’t care. As I walked home I noticed Footprints identical to the ones in my bedroom that led down the front of my house, through the yard, and down the road. I decided I would follow them. They led me around bends and up hills. Finally they stopped at Leech Lake’s cave. I lit a match I had found on the ground and entered. Mysteriously the footprints continued through the cave and I stopped because there on the trail in front of me were my Barbies! I felt so happy that I jumped up and down and danced around. My brother Aaron jumped in front of me out of the darkness and said, "So you figured it out! I stole them. I thought you were so old you would grow out of collecting Barbies!"

I pushed him against the cave wall and said, "Aaron, I’ve always hated you! You and your blond hair! You and your brown eyes!"

I grabbed my Barbies and ran out of the cave, my brother following me. I dashed home and said to my dad, "Aaron stole my Barbies and he broke my window." My dad grounded Aaron for a month. I was happy to have my Barbies back.

Just after that I ran upstairs and stuffed my Barbies under my bed. I was tired and it was way past my bedtime. So I pulled off my shoes and day clothes, and put on my pajamas. I pulled down the covers, hopped in bed, and pulled the covers back up. Soon I was snoring away.


The End


1997 Christiana Marie Daily, all rights reserved.

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