Bertha Daily Webb
(April 1, 1923)

Bertha Easterbelle Daily was the first child of William and Susie Daily.  In 1941 Bertha came to Florence, Alabama to work at the Knitting Mill in Sweetwater.  She lived with a cousin.  In 1942 she met Henry Douglas Webb from Wayne County, Lutts, Tennessee.  He is the son of Addie Mae Pigg and Marshall Henry Webb.  Henry, one of eleven children, was born January 30, 1924.  He worked with the Standard Oil Company and lived with his brother, Jeff Webb, in Florence.  On March 25, 1943 Bertha Daily married Henry Webb.  Henry served in the U. S. Army, Battery "B", 739th Field Artillery.  He was discharged July 7, 1944.  Henry and Bertha purchased a house at 732 (now 936) Cumberland Street, Florence, completing the first home loan under the G. I. Bill of Rights in Alabama.  Henry and Bertha had five children:

Jerry Douglas Webb
Born:  October 30, 1944
Died:  October 31, 1944
Buried in Mountain Springs Cemetery, Colbert County, Alabama.
Sharon Kaye Webb
Born:  October 28, 1945
Married August 27, 1966:
Toby Jan Carpenter
Born:  February 22, 1943
Linda Diane Webb
Born:  November 3, 1948
Married October 1, 1966:
Bobby Joe Trousdale
Born:  December 20, 1944
Harold Dewayne Webb
Born:  August 27, 1951
Married February 25, 1980:
Wanda Sue Luttrell
Married September 30, 2000:  Laura Jo McFall
Born:  October 29, 1949
Wanda Gail Webb
Born:  April 1, 1955
Married June 7, 1975:
Thomas Howland Wells, Jr.
Born:  January 5, 1951
Died:  December 1, 2000
Buried in Tri-Cities Memorial Garden, Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama.

Henry Webb, an automobile technician, was the owner of Henry Webb Auto Service.  In March, 1962 Bertha started selling Stanley Home Products with an excellent sales record.  She won many trips for Henry and herself.  Henry had a heart attack in January, 1974, and in 1991 he had a defibrillator A. I. C. D. (Automatic Implantable Cardiaventer Defibrillator System) implanted to correct his fast heart beat.  In 1994 he had a Metronic PCD Device (pacemaker and defibrillator) implanted.  Henry died on May 24, 1995.