William Herbert Daily
(July 22, 1900 - June 4, 1984)

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William H. Daily married Susie McCullough (February 24, 1903 - March 3, 1996), his childhood sweetheart, on September 21, 1921.  The two had attended the one-room church / school at Mountain Springs as young children.  Neither ever received any more formal education than this, or other one-room schools in the vicinity provided in the early 20th century.  William was born July 22, 1900, the fourth child of William Pinkley and Josephine Huskey Daily in the Mountain Springs community.  Both his parents were descendents of pioneer settlers who came in with the settlers when the Chickasaw were removed in 1836.  Susie was the second of only three children born to George Daniel and Francise Parthene Stanfield McCullough.  Both here parents were also descendents of pioneer families in the Mountain Springs community.  Both William and Susie were lifelong members of the Mountain Springs Baptist Church where William served as a deacon from age 27 until his death June 4, 1984.  William, like his father before him, was a woodsman, cutting and hauling timber or lumber much of his early adulthood.  As a youth he used castrated bulls, called steers, to pull the loads.  By 1920, like others in his community the steers had been traded for strong mules to haul the loads.  Late in life he turned to carpentry to earn a living.  He built several houses that stand today in West Colbert County.  He also was a general handyman, building cabinets, making house repairs, painting, or whatever was needed.  He prided himself on giving a full day's work for minimum wages.  Susie was a full-time homemaker her entire adult life.

In the late 1920s Susie's father, George Daniel McCullough, divided his inheritance from his mother, Martha Ann Strait Pounders McCullough, to his children.  Susie received the acreage with a spring and creek upon which William built their house standing today on Daily Loop Road.  William and Susie produced seven children:

Herbert Daniel Daily
Born:  November 30, 1930
Nadine Chandler
Born:  January 6, 1920
Died:  April 7, 1981
Bertha Easterbelle Daily 
Born:  April 1, 1923
Married March 25, 1943:
Henry D. Webb
Born:  January 30, 1924
Died:  May 24, 1995
Birdie Lueanna Daily 
Born:  March 8, 1928
Married August 21, 1944:
Ezell Collum
Born:  May 6, 1926
Clifford Coolidge Daily
Born:  November 16, 1925
Married November 13, 1943:
Virginia Patterson
Born:  April 18, 1924
Died:  June 14, 1988
Margie Rose Daily
Born:  March 1, 1933
Married October 1, 1949:
Buford Rex Deaton
Born:  October 10, 1925
Died:  February 1, 1989
John Lemley
Marvin Andrew Daily 
Born:  February 17, 1938
Married June 29, 1957:
Freda Jane Smith
Born:  January 3, 1940
Garvin M. Daily
Born:  February 17, 1938
Married July 10, 1959:
Wanda Hamilton
Born:  February 10, 1940

William and Susie are buried in the Mountain Springs Cemetary on land that William donated to expand the cemetary in the 1950s.