The Jeremiah Daily Homeplace in Alabama

The Jeremiah Daily Place consists of a "dogtrot" type arrangement with the leftmost side (looking from the front) being part of the original log cabin that was lived in by Jeremiah before the Civil War.  The right side of the bulding was made of sawed cedar and built sometime after the left side.  The right side served as a post office until sometime around 1910-1912.  At this time the Daily, Alabama and Rockwood, Alabama post offices succumbed to R. F. D. services.  Additional out buildings and attachments also make up the present arrangement and the whole building is in good to excellent shape.

McKinley Daily was born here to Lycurgus Bunyan Daily and Fanny Marinda (Hughs) Daily on August 15, 1899.  He was the fourth of five children born to Lycurgus Bunyan Daily and Fanny Daily.