Jeremiah David Daily
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Captain, Company E, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA

Jeremiah David Daily (born September 20, 1817 in Tennessee and died in Pope County Arkansas 1898) married in Tuscaloosa, Alabama August 22, 1837 to Malinda Swindle (born 1816 in South Carolina and died March 13, 1896). Jeremiah and Malinda's marriage record is in Record Book 1-2-1837 to 12-9-1843 page 27 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.  Malinda Swindle's parents were Joel and Sarah Swindle. Jeremiah was a director of the First State Bank of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Jeremiah and Malinda lived in Blount County, Alabama at the 1840 and 1850 census. During the 1850s they had homesteaded and built a three-room log cabin (standing today) near Frankfort just inside the current boundaries of Franklin County, Alabama. Jeremiah was a Primitive Baptist preacher and farmer. He was ordained Saturday before the second Sabbath in September 1844 at the age of 27. Jeremiah seems to have been well educated but no records have been found to indicate what schooling he had. Copies of some of his sermans exist today.  He once served as a Baptist minister at Zion Rest, Alabama.

By the 1880 census Jeremiah lists himself as a school teacher. Jeremiah and Malinda produced eight boys and one girl:

George D. Daily
Born:  September 21, 1838
Died:  November 6, 1915
Company E, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA
John J. Daily
Born:  1841
Died:  November 6, 1869
Company E, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA
Ransom Selkirk Daily
Born:  March 18, 1843
Died:  May 13, 1925
Company E, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA
Lovin S. Daily
Born:  1845
Died:  unknown
Buried in Bolton Cemetery Franklin County, Alabama
Greenburg Rudolph Daily
Born:  1848
Died:  unknown
Barbara Jane Daily
Born:  June, 1850
Died:  unknown
Jeremiah Sole Daily
Born:  1851
Died:  ?
Lycurgus Bunyon Daily
called Benjamin or Bun
Born:  January 26, 1854
Died:  July 7, 1909
William Jasper Daily
Born:  October 18, 1858
Died:  March 30, 1942

Jeremiah served as a captian under Col. W. A. Johnson in General P. D. Roddey's Brigade of Cavalry Confederate forces. He joined September 7, 1862.  The oldest three sons served under the command of the father. Jeremiah was wounded in the left knee in the skirmish at Barton Station, October 1863. He was discharged for hardship reasons February 5, 1864. His resignation is dated January 4, 1864 at Frankfort, Alabama and was written by Col. W. A. Johnson.  Ransom, the third son, was wounded in the shoulder at Shilo, captured and held in a Yankee prison camp in Ohio until the South's surrender in 1865. He then, like many others, was compelled to walk home to Franklin County, Alabama. Ransom and his wife then moved to Arkansas to begin a new life. Later Jeremiah was to join him there.

According to marriage records at Colbert County Courthouse (Marriage Record A 1867-1874), April 24, 1874, Jeremiah married Sarah Emaline Duncan (b. 9-11-1843; d. 10-24-1922) and moved to Pope County Arkansas to begin a new life. Malinda Swindle Daily drew a Confederate widow's pension according to records at Colbert County Courthouse. Jeremiah and Sarah Emaline produced three sons and a daughter:

Johnathan Daily
Born:  December 19, 1874
Died:  April 19, 1946
Thomas Jefferson Daily
Born:  July 20, 1876
Died:  July 11, 1940
Dolphius (Dow) Daily
Born:  1877
Died:  as an infant - unknown date
James David Christian Daily
Born:  August 22, 1880 (when Jeremiah was 63)
Died:  April 20, 1951

According to county records in Pope County Arkansas (#4-53 328) on March 2, 1889 Jeremiah gave 160 acres in Alabama to Bunyan and wife, Fannie, after Malinda's death.

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