Company E, 4th Alabama Calvary, CSA

Recruited:  September 14, 1862 at Spencer's Bell Shop (near Rockwood, Alabama) in Franklin County, Alabama
Surrendered:  May 17, 1865 at Pond Springs (Wheeler Station) in Lawrence County, Alabama

Jeremiah DailyJeremiah Daily served as a captian under Col. W. A. Johnson in General P. D. Roddey's Brigade of Cavalry Confederate forces. His oldest three sons served under the command of their father. Jeremiah was wounded in the left knee in the skirmish at Barton Station, October 1863. He was discharged for hardship reasons February 5, 1864.

Ransom Daily, the third son, was wounded in the shoulder at Shiloh, captured and held in a Yankee prison camp in Ohio until the South's surrender in 1865. He then, like many others, was compelled to walk home to Franklin County, Alabama. Ransom and his wife then moved to Arkansas to begin a new life. Later Jeremiah was to join him there.

George Daniel DailyGeorge Daily served as a surgeon's assistant throughout the Civil War. This was to change his life forever. The young husband and father of two young daughters served his fellow soldiers well, then came home to the Rock Creek community in then Franklin County to serve as the only "doctor" most of the people ever knew.

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