George Daniel Daily
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Company E, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA

George Daniel Daily was the oldest son of Jeremiah and Malinda Daily.  George served as a surgeon's assistant throughout the Civil War. This was to change his life forever. The young husband and father of two young daughters served his fellow soldiers well, then came home to the Rock Creek community in then Franklin County to serve as the only "doctor" most of the people ever knew. Medical training in those times was by apprenticeship. George had seen and done enough during those four years of war to serve his community as their doctor. He delivered hundreds of babies, compounded his own herbal remedies, and performed other duties only an MD would do today.

George built a classic "dog-trot" log house beside a fresh water spring in the forest of West Colbert County. Colbert County was carved from the northern half of Franklin County during the years following the divisive Civil War. The house is owned today by descendants. I remember many tales told by my father-in-law of happenings at "grand-pa's" house. Many of us own bits of memorabilia from that house. George and Sarah Jane produced a large family of five girls and three boys:

Pheodocia C. Daily
Born:  June 27, 1860
Died:  May 2, 1895
Modena Jane Daily
Born:  August 15, 1862
Died:  December 22, 1906
Nancy Alice Daily
Born:  March 22, 1865
Died:  December 8, 1936
Martha L. Daily
Born:  May 7, 1868
Died:  June 15, 1897
Alvah J. Daily
Born:  September 21, 1872
Died:  June 2, 1897
William Pinkley Daily
Born:  June 1, 1875
Died:  November 30, 1952
George S. Daily
Born:  October 11, 1882
Died:  July 11, 1973
Mary Ozella Daily
Born:  July 9, 1885
Died:  September 9, 1973

George Daniel Daily's first wife, Sarah Jane, surrered a stroke and was cared for by Laura Taylor. After Sarah Jane's death 4-9-1909, George married Laura. Nine months later their first child Drucilla was born. When George was in his seventies, he and Laura produced two children:

Born:  January 17, 1910
Died:  unknown
Annie P.
Born:  September 4, 1912
Died:  unknown
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